Here’s the truth about pain and pain release:

These days there is so much conflicting advice about what it takes to become pain free, it’s hard to know where to start. And because there is so much information out there, many people get overwhelmed and eventually give up. It doesn’t have to be that way! I want to show what you can do in order to start healing. My clients are consistently amazed at how I find the right solutions for them and help them heal.

Here’s the deal: when it comes to releasing pain one size DOES NOT fit all. This is why I want to meet with you directly and show you what the best steps are FOR YOU. Because I know that there is a way for you to move from living in pain to feeling great in your body and your life, I’d love to help you – and it’s on me. So if you really want my help with this, click this link to apply for a free Body Strategy Session:

Now, I need to tell you that even though my method is simple, efficient and easy to follow it does not work for everyone, because not everyone has what it takes to follow through. It takes a special person with a “do whatever it takes” attitude to really get results. Let’s face it, realigning and healing your body will take SOME effort on your part. That requires commitment and if you’re committed I’d love to help you!

If you have a chronic pain that you’re ready to put behind you once and for all, click here:

Rucsandra Mitrea

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“I have worked with many clients in preparation to their knee replacement and hip replacement surgeries and their recovery was indeed a lot faster compared to people that did not have such Pilates based programs prior to their surgeries. The clients themselves commented on how they felt and how much faster their recovery process was. They all agree that having started Pilates months or years before the surgery was needed, made their bodies stronger, more supple and better equipped to withstand such an invasive procedure. The speed of their recovery was so noticeable, that even their surgeons commented on their fast recovery process,” Rucsandra Mitrea quoted on in The Ultimate Pilates Guide to Hip and Knee Replacements