We welcome you to an environment that is committed to YOUR health, where YOU are the center of YOUR attention as well as OURS.

You deserve to take this time for your own well-being and focus solely on YOURSELF.

In order to preserve this environment we ask that you:

1. Respect your appointment by starting and completing your workout on time:

  • Arrive on time, respecting the class starting time.
  • Complete your Equipment Class on time, as prolonging your workout past the class end time will affect the experience for the next group of people.
  • If you desire to have a workout longer than the 75 minutes in the Equipment Classes and 60 minutes in the ELDOA/MFS, please book TWO classes, accordingly.

2. Turn off your cell phone before entering the studio (NO EXCEPTIONS).

3. Refrain from wearing chemical perfumes and strong smelling lotions as some people are sensitive to a wide variety of scents.

4. Leave your shoes at the entrance on the rack provided; a tidy room allows us to feel more comfortable and less distracted

5. Be mindful of others and the time they have for themselves; if you feel that you need more instruction than what is possible in a group setting, please talk to your teacher about scheduling a private session to update your program and address any concerns and questions.

6. Refrain from excessive conversation that is distracting your fellow class mates from focusing on themselves. Listening to your body requires a calm and quiet environment. Please respect other people’s personal time at MWC.

7. Clean your mat and/or equipment and put away all the cushions/pillows/straps before you leave. This way you will have a tidy room when you arrive as well.