Breathing and Your Spine


Can breathing exercises improve the condition of your spine and relieve pain? Is it possible to use the mechanisms of breathing in order to help correct the alignment of the spine and release tension in the body?

I believe that it is not only possible but extremely efficient. Working for 20 years with the human body and continuosly studying the intricacies of the physical body, the subtleties of the emotional body and the power of the human energy field led me to develop my own protocols (Mitrea Balance Model) for rebalancing and realigning the physical body. Breathing techniques and exercises represent an important part in the programs I create for my clients. The targeted and specifically directed breathing techniques and exercises that I have developed have the power to release tension at the level of the connective tissue (the fascia), the muscular system, as well as at the level of the nervous system, resulting in an almost immediate response in the joints of the body. From that point on, the body is more receptive to build strength, to stretch and to heal.

Can breathing exercises help you heal physical pain, release unwanted emotions and rebalance your energy field? Absolutely!

The Healing Breath Technique, part of the Mitrea Balance Model is the focus of  a seminar that I will teach in March 2012 for clients and health practitioners who want to employ the healing power of breath in their own lives and in the lives of others.