The Experience of Fear

By Rucsandra Mitrea


Our society has been very effective in teaching us to live in fear: fear of war, of depression, of terrorism, of not having the right job, of being too fat to be considered beautiful or to weak to become successful, of illnesses and viruses and epidemics. This is only a handful of reasons we had for living in fear and I am sure that each one of us can extend the list by quite a few items. We have been living in various gradients of fear all our lives without even being aware of it.

You might ask yourself why this is relevant. What does this have to do with our physical bodies or our well being and health? Continue reading

Teachings of the Body – Part II


Thought or Feeling?

By Rucsandra Mitrea


At the end of this article I will invite you to do an exercise of your choice from two completely opposite perspectives. Your physical body will offer you a wonderful experience that might change the way you feel about your regular workouts or training sessions.

First let’s ask a question: how do we transform our bodies? How do we return to health? Where do we start? Do we start by thinking it or do we start by feeling it? Continue reading

Comment on the Globe and Mail Article

by Rucsandra Mitrea

“Feldenkrais classes: a tune-up for mind and body”

I have enjoyed your article very much. It is great to see an article that does not focus on the latest trend in fitness or the latest gadget, but rather on the importance of awareness when engaging in any type of physical activity.

There is a wealth of information right inside the human body, readily available to us if we are only to pay attention and listen. Continue reading