Teachings of the Body – Part II


Thought or Feeling?

By Rucsandra Mitrea


At the end of this article I will invite you to do an exercise of your choice from two completely opposite perspectives. Your physical body will offer you a wonderful experience that might change the way you feel about your regular workouts or training sessions.

First let’s ask a question: how do we transform our bodies? How do we return to health? Where do we start? Do we start by thinking it or do we start by feeling it?

The concept of “positive thinking” has been around for a very long time. We know that the thoughts we think every day are shaping our lives. Or do we? Do we really understand the powerful connection that exists between the mind and the body?

The answers will vary: “Yes, I know it works!” or “I heard about that and I do not believe in it!” or “I tried it last week and it didn’t work. I am still in pain.”

Why does it work for some and not for others?

The answer lies in the difference between thoughts and feelings. Feelings are reflected in every cell of the body. We must feel our way to a healthier, stronger, more vibrant body.

Even if our thoughts are positive, we might harbour feelings of criticism, frustration, judgement, defeat or even despair regarding our physical state of fitness, well-being and health. Feeling depressed and hopeless while trying to think good, uplifting, positive thoughts will completely obliterate the thoughts of better health.

The key is to change the thought patterns so that we can feel what we are thinking. In other words we need to repeat the same thought until we feel it. Not until we think we understand it but until our cells vibrate it!

It is what we feel that will transform our bodies, health, careers, relationships and everything in our lives. The new vibration will be reflected in our cells and the transformation will take place.

What we feel about our bodies while we are working out and training determines the results we will achieve. Creating a partnership with our bodies will shift our inner paradigm of health and well-being (see Dominion or Partnership).


Let’s do an experiment: think about a stretching exercise that you do all the time. Get in the position.

Before you start, take a breath and bring out all the negative thoughts that you usually feel about your body during the day, during your workouts or even during this particular exercise. You might have feelings of frustration; you might judge your body parts or eating habits; you might be angry with yourself for being too weak, too tired, for eating the wrong foods or for not doing enough. The list, as we all know, can be endless. Please, bring it all up for a few minutes and allow yourself to feel the force of your thoughts. Now from this frame of mind perform your chosen exercise and see how your body responds and how it feels to think that way. How tight do you feel? Is it difficult to stretch? Do not judge what your body does, just acknowledge it.

Now stop! Allow yourself to breathe and relax and start thinking about your body from a completely different perspective: thank it for what it does well, admire it for its strength and resilience. Appreciate your body for what it knows. Even if you are not in the best physical shape and health there are countless things that you will find to admire about your body. Just for a few minutes look at your body with love and compassion and repeat your exercise. Feel how your body responds to this new approach! Breathe. Do you feel more ease and less tension? Are you aware of how your body is willing to cooperate? Feel what your body is teaching you right now.

The teachings of the body can reach profound depths. When you are ready to shift your beliefs and your thoughts, the new found feelings will transform your body and your life!

Start right now! Allow your inner knowledge to lead you from this moment on!