By Rucsandra Mitrea


Why do we need support groups? Because we are social beings. Because the contact with other like-minded fellow humans strengthens us, gives us hope and allows us to grow.

The real question is: what kind of groups do we need to join in order feel truly supported, heal easier and enhance our quality of life? We want groups of people who focus on health and not illness, who will support our reach for a better life and not enable us to feel weak, lost and without hope.

We want to be part of a community who will show us that we can do more, that we are unlimited in our power to completely restore our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health!

If we want to feel alive, vibrant and live our lives to the fullest we NEED to be in contact with people who are doing it themselves, who have succeeded, who can support us in an empowered way, and who are proof that we can aspire for more!

NOW is the time for a great paradigm shift: if we are not well, let’s join a group of people who overcame the same condition. If we feel weak, let’s talk to others who restored their strength.

A new GLOBAL HEALTH NETWORK has just been launched and people from all over the world are joining it! Now is the time to talk about health and what we can do! Now is the time to stop focusing on illness and on what we have been told is not possible. Now is the time to shift our paradigm and help others do it too!

If you believe in health and not in illness, if you believe that by changing our thoughts we can change our world, if you believe that alternative medicine and energetic medicine need to be more than alternative, join me on and see what the possibilities are!