By Rucsandra Mitrea

Why do master yogis perform all the physically challenging and exhausting yoga routines? Why do they need the physical aspect, since they have already created a stable and continuous connection with the Divine? Why is it that they do not let go of their physical bodies in order to focus only on their purely spiritual practices?

Because they know that it is all one! Because they understand that physical blockages, misalignments and weaknesses will impede their capacity to connect with their Higher Selves and with the Divine.

Some of the spiritual people I’ve had conversations with over the last few years believe that the physical body is not of great importance and they continue to focus solely on their energetic beings, on their auras and chakras and spiritual connections with higher realms. Sometimes their physical bodies suffer, because they have been neglected for a long time.

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By Rucsandra Mitrea


Many articles have been written, many books have seen the press and many shows have had their guests talk about the devastating effects of stress on our health and in our lives in general.

Stress can be physical, mental or emotional. It changes the body’s chemistry, causing symptoms like high blood pressure, overeating or under eating, insomnia, depression. Stress can and will alter the quality of your life, unless you take the helm!

What do we perceive as stress? A job we do not like, a kid not doing well in school, not enough money, a quarrel with a friend, the death of someone dear, not enough time, too much to do, too many requirements, an illness, moving from a house to another, Continue reading