by Rucsandra Mitrea


No equipment and no special location are necessary in order to do a body scan.

Start by sitting on a chair or on the floor and quickly assess if there is any tension anywhere in your body; feel how your head sits on your neck and if your shoulders are relaxed or not.

Do not judge or try to explain what you feel, just gather the information your body is offering to you.

Next lie down and start breathing, inhaling and exhaling through the nose. Keep your knees bent or straight, depending on what feels more comfortable for your body. Start feeling that your body is becoming very heavy and allow your muscles to relax.

This is not a relaxation exercise, even though you will feel more relaxed at the end of it. It is a body scan: you are gathering information about how your body feels as a whole and how everything in your body feels as separate entities.

This exercise will allow you to create a partnership between the body and the mind. Continue reading