What you feel can either help your fitness routine or healing process or work against it.

Every cell in the body recognizes what we feel and immediately translates our feelings into physical responses. Every cell responds to our emotional state. What we feel influences our health and well being.

If this is a concept harder to relate to, just think of something that you are afraid of and see how your body responds. If you are afraid of an illness than allow that fear to surface for a moment. If you are afraid of losing your job or ending an important relationship just feel that fear. Now scan your body quickly. Are your shoulders raised and tense, are you frowning? Is there a knot in your stomach or is the pain in your lower back increasing? Is your mouth dry? How much tension are you feeling? Maybe your body will have a subtle way to respond to the fear you feel or maybe its signals will be very strong. In this lecture we will explore how what you feel can change your body’s ability to build strength, stamina and flexibility. Are you working out for your body or against your body?



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Rucsandra Mitrea is a Body Whisperer. Rucsandra helps people live radiantly by helping them align with their true essence. After 20 years of studying physical movement modalities and therapies, meditation, energy techniques, and Somatherapy, Rucsandra understands the universal laws that facilitate vibrant health. She developed the Mitrea Balance Model to heal and balance the physical body by altering the mind and emotions. As owner/founder of Mitrea Wellness Centre, Rucsandra has helped many clients transform their lives. Inspiring that transformation is only a few beliefs away and a healthy and joyous life is everyone’s right, she believes everyone can expand in consciousness. Through teaching and writing, she helps people connect to their innate knowledge. She helps students experience physical movement as an extension of their inner essence and their own capacity for healing, well being, growth and expansion.

Aligning with your true essence facilitates the connection with the body’s innate ability to heal itself. When the physical, mental, emotional and energetic aspects are in alignment, people can experience a harmonious and balanced life with optimal health and exquisite joy and wellness. There are many ways to this alignment, but choosing the path of least resistance offers a more empowering journey.  Specific physical movements and breathing techniques help restore misaligned posture.  This physical transformation can lead to a different way of viewing the physical body and natural healing. The process also entails mental and emotional transformations that help people open up to their inner power for inner healing, growth and expansion.  People learn how to follow their hearts to a higher quality and potential for living one’s soul purpose.  This is living radiantly!