How long does it take to get better?

If everything you’ve tried so far to escape physical pain hasn’t worked, and you know someone else who has done it and you haven’t, it does not mean that you cannot be helped.

It only means that you, like most people suffering with chronic pain, have never heard that there is a systematic, step-by-step process to significantly reduce physical pain and attain and sustain greater health.

And if you have never heard of this process and this approach, you’ve never experienced it.

Healing your body is a process. It takes time. I know that if you are in a lot of pain right now you do not want to hear this, but there is no magic pill that will get you better overnight.

But… time is on your side, because it does not really take that long to get to a pain-free, capable and vibrant body.

So why does it take time?

Breaking the vicious cycle of chronic pain requires a strategy that is acceptable to the body.

The physical body does not understand English or any other language.

The physical body understands movement and energy.

To ignite your healing process, you must work on all the three levels: mental, physical and emotional.

The Mitrea Pain Free System uses unique strategies that follow the path of least resistance and assist the body in restoring effective, natural movements that ignite a healing process.

We start with a powerful, clear, short-term plan for pain relief, and in 8 to 12 months we create the basis for the comprehensive, long-term plan for greater health and aging with strength, mobility, grace and vitality.

And our clients get better and get their lives back!


Rucsandra Mitrea, Founder of

P.S. Healing your body requires a complete change of mental, physical and emotional levels within you. Here’s a checklist to help you determine where you are on your healing journey: 99 Ways To Significantly Reduce Pain. Simply download it and check off the things you are doing already. Start today and add the rest one at a time.