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Breaking the vicious cycle of chronic pain requires a strategy that is acceptable to the body. The physical body does not understand English or any other language. The physical body understands movement and energy. Our pain-free system uses unique strategies that follow the path of least resistance and assist the body in restoring effective, natural movements that ignite a healing process.

To ignite your healing process, you must work on all the three levels: mental, physical and emotional.

Healing the physical body requires a complete change of mindset and perspective, a completely new relationship with your body, and very importantly it requires support. You need support.

The mindset piece, the mental level, is just as important as the physical level strategy piece, and in fact, sometimes more important. Which is why we teach our clients about mindset from the very beginning. We shift your perception of how you live in your body, how you make your physical decisions. We change your way of thinking so that, instead of questioning your improvement, the process and yourself, you acknowledge and celebrate what works. This new way of thinking continuously fuels your healing efforts. Your newly established mindset reinforces your every action, so that the healing process picks up momentum and power.

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It is happening! The time has finally come for the reveal of our new brand, and I can’t wait to share it with you next week.

You are part of the Mitrea Wellness community of people who understand that we all have an innate capacity for healing and living with true vitality.

As our client, you are always willing to share what we know with other people in your life, especially when you see them struggle with discomfort and pain. I appreciate you and I thank you for spreading the word. Our new brand’s values and vision will offer you the avenues to share with more ease, so that others can start their own journeys of transformation.

It is an exciting moment for me and for Mitrea Wellness.

Thank you, Alan Wallner from WCreative for helping me navigate this complex, soul-searching and visionary process, and for his patience and deep insight.

And I want to thank our clients who helped me refine, define, question, visualize, search, think and envision every single detail of our new brand. I loved and appreciated every moment we shared.

At this time it will be a soft launch, as the new name, the new logo and our new brand vision and brand manifesto will be announced, while the entire brand infrastructure will take a few more months to complete.

As the business cards, letterhead, schedule, various printouts and documents will be transferred into the new format, we will also be working on our new website for the next few months.

And… we will have a second launch when the website goes live and more reasons to celebrate!


Rucsandra Mitrea, Founder of

What do you focus on?

The way your body perpetuates and increases physical pain is quite logical and systematic, because the body follows certain natural physical, chemical and bio-mechanical laws.


In order to start to feel better and start the healing process, the body relies on the same logical and systematic process. However, many things can impede or even stop the natural healing responses of the body: lack of physical awareness, not understanding how the body heals, misdiagnosis, mistreatment, lack of exercise, fear of exercise, excess of exercise, wrong exercise, use of ice instead of heat, dehydration and more.


Dealing with all that can be truly overwhelming and might make you feel like you have no idea where to start. But there is one thing that you can start doing right now that will help every single effort you make to feel better: improve your mindset.

Focusing on what does not work creates stress and increases fear.


Stress and fear create physical tension in the connective tissue/fascia. Forceful attempts to correct the condition have the opposite effect, and under physical stress, the area in trouble protects itself by creating more tightness and more resistance. Therefore, pain is increased and, so far, your efforts to release the pain have lead to more trouble.


Now, this it is not your fault! You cannot do what you do not know yet.


And if you do not know about the physical strategies that ignite and then sustain the physical healing process, you cannot use them to start healing your body.



Rucsandra Mitrea, Founder of


P.S. Speaking of what you focus on, here’s a checklist to help you determine where you are on your healing journey: 99 Ways To Significantly Reduce Pain. Simply download it and check off the things you are doing already. Start today and add the rest one at a time.

Why settle for wellness?

At Mitrea Wellness your successes are celebrated and they increase our commitment to find ways to better and better support your physical journey.

The wonderful vitality you are constantly creating in your body and in your life is fueled by your determination and your courage to embrace change in the process of igniting your innate healing capacity.

I am sending you a big hug and a heartfelt thank you.

It is an exciting time for everyone at Mitrea Wellness and we look forward to the next chapter.

Here’s to feeling great, and being able to do everything you desire, in a capable and strong body that moves with ease and remains healthy year after year after year!



Rucsandra Mitrea, Founder of