At Mitrea Wellness you receive the valuable tools and support you need in order to significantly reduce your pain levels and help you become pain free. We answer all your questions, discuss your home program progress and challenges and set the step-by-step progression for helping you escape chronic pain, live pain free and enjoy life in your body.

The Ultimate Transformation Program This option is for individuals suffering from chronic conditions or pain who are highly motivated, determined and disciplined and want to move extraordinarily fast in dismantling the vicious circle of chronic pain and set the physical, emotional and mental habits that will help them maintain a pain free life. With your commitment to move forward consistently and follow the steps in this program, you will reverse the old mental and physical patterns of pain and you will greatly diminish your pain levels week after week. This program creates the fastest results, by far because you simply have more one-on-one sessions.

The Accelerated Program This option is for individuals who are independent self-starters, ready to take consistent action and practice learning new physical protocols and ways of connecting with their physical body and who prefer doing so in a group setting and on their own rather than in a one-on-one coaching setting.

The Maintenance and Prevention Program Created for “graduates” of one of the other programs who feel they’ve done most of the groundwork and who now simply need continuous weekly maintenance and prevention. You must have first completed one of the other programs, as there are specific skills that you must acquire and master in order to ensure continued progress, enhanced body awareness and a pain free life in the long run.

Request a Complimentary Body Strategy Session with Rucsandra Mitrea. One conversation can help you decide what is the best program for you and determine if you qualify.

Does it work? The result of our work is a profoundly empowering understanding about your body, your mind and the tools you need to escape physical pain and achieve fuller health (See our Member Stories).  Please note: to see results, you need to be totally committed to your body and its health and have the resources – time, energy and drive – to carry you through. This is not a quick fix, it’s not magic and it takes 12 to 24 months for the body to transform, but all my clients who have diligently applied every step of the Mitrea Pain Free System have greatly diminished pain levels and are now applying the same strategies and principles in their everyday life and as a result they feel stronger, healthier and more vibrant every year.