ELDOA Certification – Program Outline

The ELDOA Program is a 6-level, stand-alone program. Previously, practitioners who wanted to study the ELDOA created by Guy VOYER, DO were enrolled in either his SomaTraining or Osteopathy Programs.

Guy VOYER, DO was originally trained as a physical therapist and medical doctor with numerous medical specializations before he changed his practice to that of a classically trained European Osteopath, holding multiple osteopathic doctorates.

In 2014, Guy VOYER, DO and Scott Herrera from Legacy Sport & Wellness Institute  reformatted the ELDOA Program.

The comprehensive ELDOA program is spread out over time, allowing practitioners  to progress through the program and learn all of the techniques that have helped thousands of people.

ELDOA Level 1 is a two-day course designed to teach practitioners the most frequently used ELDOA exercises of the spine. A significant portion of ELDOA 1 is devoted to the practical application of these exercises. ELDOA 1 is the prerequisite for the rest of the program. ELDOA Level 1 is a course for EVERYONE: exercise professionals and physical trainers, massage therapists and athletic trainers, all healthcare providers, coaches, golf and movement instructors, yoga teachers, athletic directors AND clients.It is the BASE for all the levels in the ELDOA program.

After completing ELDOA 1, the content in the program increases in complexity: classic spine biomechanics, descriptive anatomy, and the number of techniques.

ELDOA Level 2 is a three-day course specific to the ELDOA exercises of the spine. The first day is a review of ELDOA 1, expanding upon key concepts from ELDOA 1 including the descriptive anatomy of the classic spine biomechanics. All the exercises from ELDOA 1 are reviewed. Days 2 and 3 feature the ELDOA exercises of the spine from the level of L5-S1 to C2-3 and the introduction of Factors of Progression.

ELDOA Level 3 is the ELDOA for the coxo-femoral joint, shoulder complex, sternum and rib cage combined with the classic biomechanics for the respective regions. The ELDOA exercise for the spine will be also reviewed during this course.

ELDOA Level 4 is taught exclusively by Guy VOYER, DO. The focus of this course is the biomechanics of the pelvis and 22 pelvic axes. The ELDOA of the sacro-iliac joint are taught in Level 4.

ELDOA Level 5 is organized into 5 days and taught only by Guy VOYER, DO. With this new format, he can now teach the biomechanics of the upper cervical spine, the skull and TMJ in an expanded format, allowing practitioners to have repeated exposure to the complex material throughout the course.

In addition to the biomechanics of the aforementioned regions, spine pathologies are discussed and the respective ELDOA exercises for these pathologies are taught to practitioners. ELDOA Level 5 is comprehensive. Practitioners attending this course need to have a thorough understanding of the exercises and biomechanics from the previous four ELDOA levels. Questions regarding case histories may be presented in ELDOA Level 5.

ELDOA Level 6 is the top level of the ELDOA Program. Level 6 is a review of all 5 levels, but using tensegrity biomechanics. Specific adaptations of the classic postures taught in levels 1-5 will be discussed as well.

Level 6 is organized into two parts. Part one focuses on the tensegrity biomechanics and the techno-methodology. In the second part, practitioners will take an exam to prove their level of proficiency with the material followed by a graduation.