ELDOA Programs

Back pain? Bad posture? Spine injuries? Disc bulging or herniation?

We have what you need in order to escape physical pain and enjoy vibrant health.

Everybody needs ELDOA in order to maintain a healthy, strong spine.

Practiced regularly and under expert supervision, these exercises improve your health, your posture, your mind set and your energy levels!

Please note that there is no single-class option for ELDOA. The complex learning process that your body must go through in order to learn how to do the ELDOA exercises precisely and effectively requires time. Our intention is to teach you everything you need to know in order to enjoy the many benefits of this method. Attending just one class or a few classes is a real disservice to you, as it will not allow you to gain the knowledge you need to gain in order to practice ELDOA correctly.  

If you are interested in starting  a program at Mitrea Wellness Request  a Body Strategy Session.