ELDOA Level 1 Certification

The ELDOA Program is a 6-level, stand-alone program. ELDOA Level 1 is the FOUNDATION for all the levels in the ELDOA program. A significant portion of ELDOA 1 is devoted to the practical application of the most commonly used ELDOA exercises.

ELDOA Level 1 is a two-day course designed to teach practitioners the most frequently used ELDOA exercises of the spine.


  • Describe educational paradigm and learning method – ‘’learn by doing’’
  • Define the ELDOA method and its philosophy – ‘’you are your own best therapist’,
  • List the goals of the ELDOA (i.e. create more space between vertebrae, create more space for the intervertebral disc, de-press the intervertebral nerve, etc.)
  • Recall the historical synopsis of the methods leading to the ELDOA
  • Describe the medical approach to back pain versus the ELDOA
  • Classify the goals of the ELDOA
  • Name the local and global effects of the ELDOA
  • List the ELDOA working principles
  • List the general rules for the application of the ELDOA exercises
  • Apply the principles for the practical application of the ELDOA for L5/S1, T8/T9, T6/T7, C4/C5 as well as the General ELDOA
  • Relate the theoretical understanding of the ELDOA exercises to the physical application
  • Describe the process used in showing a client/patient a specific ELDOA
  • Recognize anatomical structures of the body, identify the embryonic tissue names (endoderm, ectoderm, mesoderm/mesenchyme) and primary tissue classes (epithelial, nervous, muscular, connective, extracellular matrix ECM)
  • Describe the primary respiratory mechanism PRM
  • Define and describe fascia
  • Explain the role of water in the body and its importance for the ELDOA practitioner
  • Outline the multi-purpose characteristics of the spinal column
  • State the difference between awareness and proprioception
  • Define a mechanical lemniscate
  • Identify bony landmarks (inion, C1, C2, C4, C7, T10, etc.)
  • Recognize fascial tension and monitor it in the client’s body during an ELDOA – L5/S1 with Partner
  • Show the so-called ‘’TV ELDOA ‘’ to a colleague during partner work and explain its importance
  • Explain the importance of exercise prescription and lifestyle advice