“I have been suffering with chronic back pain for 40 years, as a result of a serious fall as a child. Chronic pain has been my companion for a really long time, but during the last two years it has intensified considerably. I couldn’t sit for more than 15-20 min and wasn’t able to sleep in my bed. For almost two years I slept in an armchair.

I tried everything I knew in order to help my back and release the pain: osteopathy, physiotherapy, gym workouts, massage therapy, acupuncture and chiropractic – with practically no positive result. Fortunately, my osteopath referred me to Rucsandra.

After only a handful of one-on-one sessions with her, combined with weekly classes dedicated to healing back pain, I was finally able to sleep in my bed. I was surprised that it happened so fast, but absolutely thrilled, because I started to have hope again. It took effort to do the exercises and movements that Rucsandra was teaching me, because initially I could not do them, but the payoff was a considerable decrease in the pain level that allowed me to sleep better. Things started to look up and I kept improving week after week and month after month. I have also learned to have an open mind with respect to my body’s needs and listen to my body.

Without the continuous and relentless pain, my life is now much more enjoyable. I continue with regular classes at Mitrea Wellness to keep improving not only my physical abilities but to also understand my body better.

I cannot thank you enough Rucsandra, for helping me convert the bitter pain of suffering into the sweet taste of victory.” – Tatiana Sochirca


“Prior to meeting with Rucsandra I was suffering from severe sciatica. An MRI showed that there was disc bulging and disc herniation. Pain was shooting all the way down to my ankle at times. I tried various therapies with no results, as well as taking anti-inflammatory and pain medication.

I was using a walker in my home just to get from the bedroom to the kitchen and was unable to get out. Unable to sit in a chair or get much sleep was becoming too much to bear. A friend suggested meeting with Rucsandra.

During my first visit I was literally in tears from the pain I was feeling. Rucsandra immediately showed me a couple of ‘safe’ positions to try when pain became this severe. When I got back home, I was actually able to grab some sleep with my legs up the wall… In a few months, I was able to resume all activities and even got back to golf.

Rucsandra not only helped me on the physical level, but also helped my emotional well-being. She felt like a personal coach to me. Having done this intensive, one-on-one program with her, I now attend group classes regularly. I have learned to get in ‘touch’ with my body and gained considerable knowledge of connecting mind & body together.” – Carol Klayman – Basman

“I have lived with constant back and neck pain for years and tried all the treatments available, but nothing worked. Even sitting on a chair for a couple of hours and other basic activities like walking were at times a challenge.

After I did the one-on-one, intensive “Pain Free Program” with Rucsandra, I am a totally different person and I can enjoy life pain free. I not only have a stronger back but also I’ve got a whole new understanding about the mind body connection. Now I am attending general group sessions for maintenance and prevention.

I strongly recommend this program to anybody struggling with back pain. Thank you, Rucsandra.” – Corina Coroian

“I will be forever grateful to Rucsandra for the work she has done with me! Rucsandra is an extraordinary and inspiring person who truly believes in the power of the body to heal itself with the right exercises. Using her energy, dedication, empathy and thorough knowledge she has come up with just the right exercises for me – in short… she has radically improved my life quality and I would recommend her center to anyone. Thank you Rucsandra!” – Trine Ramlyng, Co-active Coach


“We have been working with Rucsandra for over 19 years and her teaching has changed our lives. She is both a teacher and a healer. Her approach to health and education continues to evolve. I can’t thank her enough for how she has made my health and life better” – Myles Kis


“Rucsandra provides a unique level of anatomical knowledge and detailed understanding of movement to provide probably the best physical rehabilitation service in the Greater Toronto Area. My practice has benefited tremendously from being able to refer patients to Rucsandra.” – Eric Sanderson, Manual Osteopathic Therapy


“Rucsandra has a profound depth of knowledge in her field and an ability to heal people at many different levels. She is an inspiring individual who is constantly seeking, creating and innovating in a quest to help others heal, and to help them learn to heal themselves.”  – Elana Okun


“I am 71 years old, and afflicted with Parkinson’s (P.D.), diagnosed 5 years ago. My sister recommended I seek help from Rucsandra Mitrea, of Mitrea Wellness Centre.  I started by attending private lessons, and then group classes according to a program designed for me, exclusively.These classes were comprised of groups of 5 people maximum with strict “hands on” supervision.  To my amazement, I found that my motion activities, which had been curtailed by P.D., returned to a more normal state, like a kind of body awakening!  I have taken to sharing these benefits received with Parkinson patients, and others I know as well, by recommending Mitrea Wellness Centre, and have found without exception, all have received positive improvement in strength, mobility, and balance. My wife and four children seek out Rucsandra on a regular basis, if they have back pain, or other body pain. Inevitably, Rucsandra fixes their problem, relieves them of their pain in a short period of time, and teaches them how to change their daily activities, to avoid a recurrence of the same ailment, and encourages them to attend her classes and lectures. The clients are guided through the complex science of body movement and movement methods with gentleness and care!” – Hershel Okun, July 24 2010


“I first went to Rucsandra in severe pain for SI problems in my back. She was very knowledgeable and worked with me to ease my pain and to develop strength in my core. I enjoyed her gentle yet progressive way of helping me to gain physical skills. I am a stronger, healthier woman under her care. I have recommended several friends to her over the years and they have all found relief and gained skills and strength.” – Marilyn Hew


“Rucsandra changed not only my life, but the lives of many of my family members! I spent years thinking that due to a herniated disc, I would simply be forever unable to do the things I loved. Rucsandra’s unique understanding of the body, coupled with her spiritual, loving, holistic approach changed everything!” – Vanessa Vakharia,


“Rucsandra has been instructing me at her studio for the past ten years. She is an incredible teacher with a wonderful compassion for all of her clients and her work. Her healing and teaching are extraordinary, there is no one out there like her and I feel privileged to have found her.” – Ulla Campbell3


“I have consulted with Rucsandra Mitrea in her business and been treated by her professionally and attended her classes. She knows her craft thoroughly. Her expertise, insight, and ability to assess the body, mind and spirit of her clients is superb and reassuring. I would feel fully confident recommending her, and her company Mitrea Wellness. She practices what she teaches and preaches; she is very grounded and always increasing her knowledge base and skill level. She is on the leading edge in her field, but also takes great strength and wisdom from those that came before her.” – Laurie Bryant